Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What is HYIP?

Is highly profitable investment program, it is the same as forex forex but then you have good business and investment HYIP, just wait for interestInterest rates ranging from 1-5% or 10-20% depending on the region of the worldIf HYIP reputation, we just sat cool golden bowl, but if this is a phishing site, the money will first go back toThe majority of HYIP raise capital to trading on the forex markets, Stock ... but do not know what happened because HYIP keep secret their informationHighly profitable investment has two categories: offline and onlineThe investment program offline often raise capital for market diamonds, gold, oil, ...When engaged in the investment program offline, you have to be signed in one text with a multitude of risks prior noticeHYIP is predominantly used in the model Ponzi pyramid model-ie, ie taking money from pre-paid to post-Investment programs online, for example is reputable HYIP site in the past 8 years and has always been the hot spot in the page, forums MMOWhile people believe it, it has made a final take all the money in the next 8 years to finally 1,2,3 variablesOnline HYIP sites are divided into two types of long-term and short-term investmentsNormally the program of short-term investments generally pay interest at 20% per day and lasts a week so it's usually very early scamLong-term investment programs usually pay interest rate of 1-2% per day and lasted several monthsFollowing section I will guide you and tactics play HYIP investment.


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