Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Do not need more capital:

Rich Thinking there would be Rich
                                   Thong Nhat-Le-: D

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Many of you asked: I do not have money?
                                My family does not give me the business

Here, as soon as you here you were thinking about getting rich
Are not discussed further

Please allow main topic
Google, Facebook, yahoo did you where very used thuoc.The them money

The birth of the internet's century began the trend of making money online
You can write a game, ebook, software to sell for once you develop new or you start trading you need to promote it chu.He the website, advertising network from birth

Network advertising is delivered intermediary between pulish and adver

Adver who need branding, (especially those who write the game, ebook, ... working on network environment)

pulish who have websites, such as Facebook or this Forum such
Often pulish and adver find each other in the ad network but if the site grows naturally there are those who need to find and place banner ads

Above is how to make money from the internet with little capital, low risk, no one knows;'s just a brief introduction, if you have any idea please leave a comment did not write "good" and send also

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