Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Four People Groups

Four people groups
Simply put metal from which the chart has four corners represent the four groups of people in society
E (employee): group of people in society, they are workers, employees ty.bac doctors, engineers; them for a company, of a person of a certain group of people, those in the group This need stability
S (self employee): This group of shopkeepers, doctors, etc. who do all the work themselves, they do not trust anyone and only use their financial resources. Those in this group need stability
Group E, S is the group of poor people, they are very hard to be rich and often with age, salary will be reduced by over 90% in this group when the labor to cut costs and need to be subsidized to survive .
Group B (business): employers, usually the boss has over 500 employees, They have company, large factories, managers, business executives, Recreational: BillGate, teve job, Dell, ..........
Group I (investor): they are the real investors, adept. These people are the boss of money both figuratively and literally. Money to invest to make money, they are the shareholders of the company, bringing money into the project, the piece of real estate, ... are in need of capital, or investing in a company about to release IPO


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