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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Thesis 2.0 Introduction Will Again Make Up A New Revolution For Community WordPress Themes

It's the scoop for those who love the framework of a Thesis and was also the first framework to provide a foundation for a new revolution in design wordpress themes. Large number of suppliers themes like StudioPress, WooThemes, WPZoom ... moved to design your own framework because do not want to be outdated. Thesis has created a revolution like that about 3 years ago and this new revolution initiated by Thesis and only less than 5 days will break out.
After many months cherished and concealed Thesis 2.0 finally going to the village and promised to cause an earthquake in the world of blogger and designer with its outstanding features.
The most notable thing Thesis 2.0 brings is that it is completely code creatively and scientifically. The author took two years to research and produce two versions hoping to change the design and direction for the field of WordPress in the future. And blogviet believe that version 2 will have incredible breakthroughs!
Thesis 2.0 will do anything for you?
It brings out how the new design help users more easily and even those who do not know coding can also create a nice interface on this framework.
About skins for Thesis 2.0, this is a breakthrough in the judgment of blogviet by Thesis 2.0 will be born with the the Thesis Skin Editor tool - a great visual tool to help you edit and experience on the spot as shown below:Thesis skins editor nav 600x281 Thesis 2.0 Introduction Will Again Make Up A New Revolution For Community WordPress Themes
Thesis Skin Editor
Everything is exposed in front of you and it is therefore easy to edit. That is why those who are not fluent in code as blogviet also hope to make my own skin tomorrow.
There are many outstanding features but blogviet not listed, please note that only those who want to use Thesis 2.0 will be purchased prior to 1/10 by a new bracket and promises to be more expensive than the new price would be $ 197 with no bonus at all. Of course, when Thesis 2.0 released this 1/10, you will not have the opportunity to buy at current prices again.
Thesis 2 pre orders Thesis 2.0 Introduction Will Again Make Up A New Revolution For Community WordPress Themes
Another note is that the customer purchase Thesis ago with the personal version that developers are still not receive is Thesis 2.0 free however will not receive all the benefits that Thesis 2.0 brings. This is blogviet are interested and likely to be upgraded before the 7th week lest when the bracket was announced will not keep up with your hands.
You do not have Thesis should register if you want to test Thesis 2.0!

                                                                      translate :

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Copy and Past

When I first started blogging, sure that you are dedicated to it so much love and hope. It is your child so you want your child to succeed. And in order for it to succeed, you must first equip it with a lot of useful information.
Because want your blog to succeed quickly, so many people did not take the time to learn to write that selected solutions: Copy and paste. That is, they go to copy the articles in the newspapers, other blogs and paste to your blog to make a blog with lots of useful information, so many interesting things. Satisfied with that and they said that your blog will be successful because their blog has a lot of information, but they are all useful information.
If you have that is so successful?
Particularly Phamen, Phamen think it's a failure.
Failure to yourself
People always have their own strengths. Who we are, no one is known and competent in all areas. Maybe I'm good on my computer but do not know anything about poetry, I'm very good at sports, but I know nothing about machinery, I am very good at business, but I really Foolish in love.Failure here is that you do not discover yourself. You did not have the patience to realize who he is and what his strong points. You rush to copy from other places and you have to turn yourself into a body with pieces of different people.
Strategic failure
Once you have copied from elsewhere, you will not be able to develop their own direction again which must be rolling in the direction of others. Simply because it is not in your control. You copy unconsciously and completely mastered the blog.
Failure to readers
You think your blog readers? Have to admit that your blog is a lot of good songs, a lot of valuable information. But why your blog is still empty? Simply because they have read it in many other places. Why do they have to take time to find your blog to read the information they have read. And ... they will forget you.
How do you feel when your blog does not have comments? When readers write the questions on your blog and look forward to receiving your answers or help, but you did not answer. Why is that? Because it is the knowledge of others, you are not knowledgeable about the area, so you can not answer readers. Once the reader has not found an answer from you, they will look elsewhere.
Phamen met so many blogs. In the beginning, invigorating atmosphere, they are full of faith. But after 2-3 months, Phamen not see them on the "Blog" again, they quickly go into the past. It's sad!
Testimony sincerity Phamen
You stay calm, slow steps, but steps have to be very solid. If you chose to copy in order to succeed, you need to understand is what is the cost of it. What your not, they soon leave you alone.
Maybe when blogging, you do not write something the game. Do not worry! Time will teach you.
Maybe a few weeks you do not write an article. Calm down! When the idea strikes, you will be filled with the inspiration to write.
Maybe your post or not. Please take the time to learn and learn! It will help you discover many other interesting things.
Do not be impatient. Success is only for people that sweat, that take the time to learn and explore. Success is not a gift to those who "opens her mouth waiting for pulse


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How to increase productivity in day

Ever after a day of work "dark face", you suddenly realize you have not done anything, "the soul"? Some suggestions below will help you improve productivity significantly to 50% of the time to work and achieve results equal to or more than the average person. AnhtuanA have applied this method to maximize your productivity in a project. From where to spend 30 hours per week, currently AnhtuanA only have to spend 6 hours per week for this project that results remained unchanged. 1. Open the email no more than 1 time / day Read email is one of the activities that cause the most wasted time for the work. The continuous open it will make you work interruption, loss of focus and create unnecessary operations. Click on the "Unsubscribe" at the bottom of each email if you do not wish to receive emails from a website. If you can not find the button "Unsubscribe", "Mark As Spam". Reduce the number of check email to a minimum. Open the email 3 times / week if possible. 2. Off the chat software at work Turned off when not in use chat software or Invisble mode settings and only visible to the important people. 3. Task automation software and services If your work is repetitive activities like a machine, let the machine do it! Some things you can automate with software: post forum, update status fanpage, send mass emails to customers, answering frequently asked questions for customers, the process of receiving and processing orders etc. ... 4. Use of collaborators and assistants According to the 80/20, 80% of the work you do every day is not your decision directly. This means that you can delegate to others. Whether you are a senior executive or a normal employee, you can rent a "virtual assistant" - a collaborative online very cheap to do odd jobs to help you: classification email, enter data, search for information, ... 5. Exercise An operation is quite simple but most people overlook is exercise. Exercise 30 minutes a day and wasting 2 hours a day because of poor work performance, you will choose? Above are some specific suggestions for improving work performance. All are based on the basic 80/20 - 20% Focus on accomplishing useful work for 80% of your value.

95/5 in the business

In business: 95% of the assets held by 5% of the population, 5% of the remaining assets held by 95% of the population dataWhy?"Action"View biography of the famous business you will find that there are many people with the same idea can make money, but in 100, the only 5-10 people act, but of the few people who have lost instant failure is to give up, people walk about to give up, in the end, the 1-5 success.Adam Khoo at small open floor disco so shake some friends with of which only a few people doing the same, Once a thriving Adam Khoo want to buy some so called private capital from friends and business common, but no one dared to venture, he had his own hook "purse" purchase their own generators and thriving business.Bill Gate childhood to become one of the pioneers in the industry of information technology and computer generated compact and fast processing complex data signals so Bill Gates strives to learn, study , finally creating the Windows operating system and software MicrosolfRay roc presenting with his friends that will create chain hamberger convenient for people to eat with you at an affordable price has been criticized for a silly and nobody understood how much more do the same, End with Ray Roc "self-reliance" created the famous McDonaldThis is only general relativity is not the absolute theory, but very high probability even before, and now later; it right for a lot of cases not only in the business.

                                               Le Thong Nhat

Do not need more capital:

Rich Thinking there would be Rich
                                   Thong Nhat-Le-: D

Somewhat dissatisfied because this post experiencing data loss order so now had to rewrite

Many of you asked: I do not have money?
                                My family does not give me the business

Here, as soon as you here you were thinking about getting rich
Are not discussed further

Please allow main topic
Google, Facebook, yahoo did you where very used thuoc.The them money

The birth of the internet's century began the trend of making money online
You can write a game, ebook, software to sell for once you develop new or you start trading you need to promote it chu.He the website, advertising network from birth

Network advertising is delivered intermediary between pulish and adver

Adver who need branding, (especially those who write the game, ebook, ... working on network environment)

pulish who have websites, such as Facebook or this Forum such
Often pulish and adver find each other in the ad network but if the site grows naturally there are those who need to find and place banner ads

Above is how to make money from the internet with little capital, low risk, no one knows;'s just a brief introduction, if you have any idea please leave a comment did not write "good" and send also

Thanks Read Topic, Thanks



If anyone has read the famous book: "enrichment teach" cult known in the field of business must have all heard of Cashflow.

Cashflow is a game written by the author Robert Kiyosaki aims to teach people how to business.

Rather than spend tens of years with a wealth of academic failure, and only the location, tough, flexible, can survive in the business world wealth

When playing cashflow you have learned the author's decades of experience with just a few hours, you can learn how the property, How are the production, income and expenses, what is the next Rat Race and escape from it to advance to the next free

In the game you can play alone or with family and friends, and the companionship of the character programming (computer)

Red E.Rat and Timid T.Turtle 2 mentor to help you in the game
Neither you, your friends, your computer (except 2 mentor), you can select maximum 5 people (cachflow 101)

Goals and dreams

The goal is what I intend to achieve in one time periodMy dream is something that we always imagine and desire to achieve, but it is always beyond hisGoals without time limits, just a dreamI will make more moneyThis sentence makes no sense because if say we where never a lot of money, there is no beginning and end time where.Easy to visualize goalsTwo years I will graduate from medical school and become a doctorThis is the first goal-can be achieved and often achieve then you will set bigger goals to accomplishDream often so great: I want to fly like a bird, I dreamed of becoming president, became a billionaire, ...And very gentle: I hope people love each other, would you stay with meIn fact, dreams and goals are human induced action efforts to achieve what they want.You dream myth (but not harming anyone) is a dreamer but set small goals for approaching it, just to achieve a goal, you set another goal to act , and so on so you will definitely reach your goals, even if not achieved, I'm sure on a journey to dream and to achieve a goal is best memories of my lifeRemember: Edinson later than the 1000 defeat his new light bulb
Ray Roc 60 successful years starting with McDonald
47-year-old Robert Kiyosaki become a millionaire
Obama became the first black American
Wight is the first brothers invented the airplane, which everyone thought was impossible

Learn to make money

There are many people who want to build a website but do not know where to start, follow my suggestion you should take courses or have good people on the site help or you can buy books on the web for self-study.
Is there a more convenient way?

Of course also. You can download the ebook from the data on network pages, I usually down ebook on web (html, php, etc.)

Use free domain name. Tk in (best to log in with a Google account for convenience.
Use free hosting at and
000webhost is very convenient to upgrade to the unlimited package for $ 5/month
Byethost very handy to create a blog with wordpress blog to get you started research on
Both packages are free but spend much less anyone, beyond the cheap

These are just vóc experience alone but if you want to make real money, you should use the domain name. Com and packages the quality luong.Tien host earn compared to how much to spend such

What is HYIP?

Is highly profitable investment program, it is the same as forex forex but then you have good business and investment HYIP, just wait for interestInterest rates ranging from 1-5% or 10-20% depending on the region of the worldIf HYIP reputation, we just sat cool golden bowl, but if this is a phishing site, the money will first go back toThe majority of HYIP raise capital to trading on the forex markets, Stock ... but do not know what happened because HYIP keep secret their informationHighly profitable investment has two categories: offline and onlineThe investment program offline often raise capital for market diamonds, gold, oil, ...When engaged in the investment program offline, you have to be signed in one text with a multitude of risks prior noticeHYIP is predominantly used in the model Ponzi pyramid model-ie, ie taking money from pre-paid to post-Investment programs online, for example is reputable HYIP site in the past 8 years and has always been the hot spot in the page, forums MMOWhile people believe it, it has made a final take all the money in the next 8 years to finally 1,2,3 variablesOnline HYIP sites are divided into two types of long-term and short-term investmentsNormally the program of short-term investments generally pay interest at 20% per day and lasts a week so it's usually very early scamLong-term investment programs usually pay interest rate of 1-2% per day and lasted several monthsFollowing section I will guide you and tactics play HYIP investment.

The duck work for someone?

The duck work for someone?

Actually we are very familiar with Robert Kiyosaki teaches rich and many you do not have time or do not like to read books business soIn his parenting enrichment 7: Who took my money; an interesting story that I want to tell you. (It is told in the style of Ron)As to China, I found a very interesting story, a farmer being herded a flock through, I turned to the one person you go and say: "It looks like the financial experts are crossing the street"My friend laughed: "Look, a herd of ducks only tandem optical and quack together. Supposed we should optic fantasy with farmers and ask if he's led them to go, the better. "In the financial world there are so many ducks as they are financial experts, journalists or professors, lecturers financial ... they taught us how to make money, investing, stock trading, creating a businessThese ducks blatant tandem through our lead their followersBut silently behind, and the last the most dangerous it is farmers quietly led the flock to follow his attention to dim and then finally toSo do not ever listen to a DuckAnyway, it really makes Duck very safeWhy?You grow up, go to school, go to school, the teacher told: they study hard to get work tot.Ho is a duck and they teach you the optical broad as they.Sure you or someone once said: please try to study hard to get a jobThat you are not a universal optical as DuckThey are a duck and they teach you the general optical as ho.Ho taught you not only universal but also optical go after them as the DucksYou finish school, go to work, pay bills, eat, go to work, pay bills ... Just so, soGet older you get to the slaughterhouse when working 8 hours a day because he loves you, you work hard for your company and his boss richFinally, if you do not lose the card, you will retire and then pay down (in Vietnam retirement salary dropped to about 65%)Thank you for reading this article

3 System Business

The world trading system now has three well:

1/Franchise: franchise businessYou buy the system is available as KFC, McDonald, ...This system has been successfully tested and so you just bought on and followCons: Despite being the boss, but the expansion will be very difficult, time and space, your idea will be difficult to develop, large capital (500T).Pros: Convenient, high success rate of over 90%, can learn how to build the system, proven banking should be easy for you to borrow money to buy.
2/Build Companies:This is sure you have clearFind out ideas, bring value to others, construction companyFPT, coca-cola, Ford MotorCons: You build the system yourself, you make the decision yourself, pay yourself, not wages, commissions, self-location, if your false self-criticism.Pros: When the company went into orbit, then everything will be simple and then you just go out, travel or do something, directors, managers, management will continue to operate, develop company; Money you keep ascending, ascendingYou can develop 100% of its capacity2 / b) business online:The birth of the internet, online business is bornGoogle, facebook,,,, khoisukinhdoanh.netThey serve a certain demand (where the sharing of information, share photos, and do business)When large amount of access will have to place ads and earn moneySubjective: low capital, high success rate, not confined to time and spaceIf no one for you, you go for ad networks3/MLMAnway, Herbalifeyou joined the first multi-level trading system, they teach you how to sell, make money more potential members and guests, while others you rich getting richerThe introduction you are on your route, you recommend the lowerYou are in your downline, upline commission isCons: you have to call people on their system, in Vietnam many consider it a scam, so if they know it is easy to influence the relationship, often more than 12 new month begins withAdvantages: you help the more you rich getting richer, a failure rate of 0%This is the third business system for anyone who wants to get richYou must know all there is to choose from, but just move a system, an industry.It is written in my opinion, if you have any comments, every comment below

Blog Themes What?

Blog Themes What?

First of all I would like to ask, do you really enjoy blogging?

If so read on.

You like to write but do not know what to write, the better you should get a comb through the Blog.
Today there are so many quality blogs.

Identify the topic you will write.
You like to about anything write about things that
You understand the problem, please write about it.

Let's focus on a few topics, such traffic will be higher, but if you like to write about many topics, you continue, just do what I like to be.

Personally, I like helping other people get rich.
So I wrote about the CPC, CPM, PPC, ...

You know, if you are looking to start a business from Blog sector, you have to love it first, then learn the basic skills and "write what you love"
I also make money from the Blog, so we are friends.
Unless you can do what you like if you can not be rich.

Will you become a professional Blogger


Four People Groups

Four people groups
Simply put metal from which the chart has four corners represent the four groups of people in society
E (employee): group of people in society, they are workers, employees ty.bac doctors, engineers; them for a company, of a person of a certain group of people, those in the group This need stability
S (self employee): This group of shopkeepers, doctors, etc. who do all the work themselves, they do not trust anyone and only use their financial resources. Those in this group need stability
Group E, S is the group of poor people, they are very hard to be rich and often with age, salary will be reduced by over 90% in this group when the labor to cut costs and need to be subsidized to survive .
Group B (business): employers, usually the boss has over 500 employees, They have company, large factories, managers, business executives, Recreational: BillGate, teve job, Dell, ..........
Group I (investor): they are the real investors, adept. These people are the boss of money both figuratively and literally. Money to invest to make money, they are the shareholders of the company, bringing money into the project, the piece of real estate, ... are in need of capital, or investing in a company about to release IPO