Thursday, March 21, 2013

Copy and Past

When I first started blogging, sure that you are dedicated to it so much love and hope. It is your child so you want your child to succeed. And in order for it to succeed, you must first equip it with a lot of useful information.
Because want your blog to succeed quickly, so many people did not take the time to learn to write that selected solutions: Copy and paste. That is, they go to copy the articles in the newspapers, other blogs and paste to your blog to make a blog with lots of useful information, so many interesting things. Satisfied with that and they said that your blog will be successful because their blog has a lot of information, but they are all useful information.
If you have that is so successful?
Particularly Phamen, Phamen think it's a failure.
Failure to yourself
People always have their own strengths. Who we are, no one is known and competent in all areas. Maybe I'm good on my computer but do not know anything about poetry, I'm very good at sports, but I know nothing about machinery, I am very good at business, but I really Foolish in love.Failure here is that you do not discover yourself. You did not have the patience to realize who he is and what his strong points. You rush to copy from other places and you have to turn yourself into a body with pieces of different people.
Strategic failure
Once you have copied from elsewhere, you will not be able to develop their own direction again which must be rolling in the direction of others. Simply because it is not in your control. You copy unconsciously and completely mastered the blog.
Failure to readers
You think your blog readers? Have to admit that your blog is a lot of good songs, a lot of valuable information. But why your blog is still empty? Simply because they have read it in many other places. Why do they have to take time to find your blog to read the information they have read. And ... they will forget you.
How do you feel when your blog does not have comments? When readers write the questions on your blog and look forward to receiving your answers or help, but you did not answer. Why is that? Because it is the knowledge of others, you are not knowledgeable about the area, so you can not answer readers. Once the reader has not found an answer from you, they will look elsewhere.
Phamen met so many blogs. In the beginning, invigorating atmosphere, they are full of faith. But after 2-3 months, Phamen not see them on the "Blog" again, they quickly go into the past. It's sad!
Testimony sincerity Phamen
You stay calm, slow steps, but steps have to be very solid. If you chose to copy in order to succeed, you need to understand is what is the cost of it. What your not, they soon leave you alone.
Maybe when blogging, you do not write something the game. Do not worry! Time will teach you.
Maybe a few weeks you do not write an article. Calm down! When the idea strikes, you will be filled with the inspiration to write.
Maybe your post or not. Please take the time to learn and learn! It will help you discover many other interesting things.
Do not be impatient. Success is only for people that sweat, that take the time to learn and explore. Success is not a gift to those who "opens her mouth waiting for pulse



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