Wednesday, March 20, 2013

95/5 in the business

In business: 95% of the assets held by 5% of the population, 5% of the remaining assets held by 95% of the population dataWhy?"Action"View biography of the famous business you will find that there are many people with the same idea can make money, but in 100, the only 5-10 people act, but of the few people who have lost instant failure is to give up, people walk about to give up, in the end, the 1-5 success.Adam Khoo at small open floor disco so shake some friends with of which only a few people doing the same, Once a thriving Adam Khoo want to buy some so called private capital from friends and business common, but no one dared to venture, he had his own hook "purse" purchase their own generators and thriving business.Bill Gate childhood to become one of the pioneers in the industry of information technology and computer generated compact and fast processing complex data signals so Bill Gates strives to learn, study , finally creating the Windows operating system and software MicrosolfRay roc presenting with his friends that will create chain hamberger convenient for people to eat with you at an affordable price has been criticized for a silly and nobody understood how much more do the same, End with Ray Roc "self-reliance" created the famous McDonaldThis is only general relativity is not the absolute theory, but very high probability even before, and now later; it right for a lot of cases not only in the business.

                                               Le Thong Nhat


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