Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Learn to make money

There are many people who want to build a website but do not know where to start, follow my suggestion you should take courses or have good people on the site help or you can buy books on the web for self-study.
Is there a more convenient way?

Of course also. You can download the ebook from the data on network pages, I usually down ebook on web (html, php, etc.)

Use free domain name. Tk in (best to log in with a Google account for convenience.
Use free hosting at and
000webhost is very convenient to upgrade to the unlimited package for $ 5/month
Byethost very handy to create a blog with wordpress blog to get you started research on
Both packages are free but spend much less anyone, beyond the cheap

These are just vóc experience alone but if you want to make real money, you should use the domain name. Com and packages the quality luong.Tien host earn compared to how much to spend such


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