Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How to increase productivity in day

Ever after a day of work "dark face", you suddenly realize you have not done anything, "the soul"? Some suggestions below will help you improve productivity significantly to 50% of the time to work and achieve results equal to or more than the average person. AnhtuanA have applied this method to maximize your productivity in a project. From where to spend 30 hours per week, currently AnhtuanA only have to spend 6 hours per week for this project that results remained unchanged. 1. Open the email no more than 1 time / day Read email is one of the activities that cause the most wasted time for the work. The continuous open it will make you work interruption, loss of focus and create unnecessary operations. Click on the "Unsubscribe" at the bottom of each email if you do not wish to receive emails from a website. If you can not find the button "Unsubscribe", "Mark As Spam". Reduce the number of check email to a minimum. Open the email 3 times / week if possible. 2. Off the chat software at work Turned off when not in use chat software or Invisble mode settings and only visible to the important people. 3. Task automation software and services If your work is repetitive activities like a machine, let the machine do it! Some things you can automate with software: post forum, update status fanpage, send mass emails to customers, answering frequently asked questions for customers, the process of receiving and processing orders etc. ... 4. Use of collaborators and assistants According to the 80/20, 80% of the work you do every day is not your decision directly. This means that you can delegate to others. Whether you are a senior executive or a normal employee, you can rent a "virtual assistant" - a collaborative online very cheap to do odd jobs to help you: classification email, enter data, search for information, ... 5. Exercise An operation is quite simple but most people overlook is exercise. Exercise 30 minutes a day and wasting 2 hours a day because of poor work performance, you will choose? Above are some specific suggestions for improving work performance. All are based on the basic 80/20 - 20% Focus on accomplishing useful work for 80% of your value.


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