Wednesday, March 20, 2013

3 System Business

The world trading system now has three well:

1/Franchise: franchise businessYou buy the system is available as KFC, McDonald, ...This system has been successfully tested and so you just bought on and followCons: Despite being the boss, but the expansion will be very difficult, time and space, your idea will be difficult to develop, large capital (500T).Pros: Convenient, high success rate of over 90%, can learn how to build the system, proven banking should be easy for you to borrow money to buy.
2/Build Companies:This is sure you have clearFind out ideas, bring value to others, construction companyFPT, coca-cola, Ford MotorCons: You build the system yourself, you make the decision yourself, pay yourself, not wages, commissions, self-location, if your false self-criticism.Pros: When the company went into orbit, then everything will be simple and then you just go out, travel or do something, directors, managers, management will continue to operate, develop company; Money you keep ascending, ascendingYou can develop 100% of its capacity2 / b) business online:The birth of the internet, online business is bornGoogle, facebook,,,, khoisukinhdoanh.netThey serve a certain demand (where the sharing of information, share photos, and do business)When large amount of access will have to place ads and earn moneySubjective: low capital, high success rate, not confined to time and spaceIf no one for you, you go for ad networks3/MLMAnway, Herbalifeyou joined the first multi-level trading system, they teach you how to sell, make money more potential members and guests, while others you rich getting richerThe introduction you are on your route, you recommend the lowerYou are in your downline, upline commission isCons: you have to call people on their system, in Vietnam many consider it a scam, so if they know it is easy to influence the relationship, often more than 12 new month begins withAdvantages: you help the more you rich getting richer, a failure rate of 0%This is the third business system for anyone who wants to get richYou must know all there is to choose from, but just move a system, an industry.It is written in my opinion, if you have any comments, every comment below


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