Wednesday, March 20, 2013



If anyone has read the famous book: "enrichment teach" cult known in the field of business must have all heard of Cashflow.

Cashflow is a game written by the author Robert Kiyosaki aims to teach people how to business.

Rather than spend tens of years with a wealth of academic failure, and only the location, tough, flexible, can survive in the business world wealth

When playing cashflow you have learned the author's decades of experience with just a few hours, you can learn how the property, How are the production, income and expenses, what is the next Rat Race and escape from it to advance to the next free

In the game you can play alone or with family and friends, and the companionship of the character programming (computer)

Red E.Rat and Timid T.Turtle 2 mentor to help you in the game
Neither you, your friends, your computer (except 2 mentor), you can select maximum 5 people (cachflow 101)