Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Goals and dreams

The goal is what I intend to achieve in one time periodMy dream is something that we always imagine and desire to achieve, but it is always beyond hisGoals without time limits, just a dreamI will make more moneyThis sentence makes no sense because if say we where never a lot of money, there is no beginning and end time where.Easy to visualize goalsTwo years I will graduate from medical school and become a doctorThis is the first goal-can be achieved and often achieve then you will set bigger goals to accomplishDream often so great: I want to fly like a bird, I dreamed of becoming president, became a billionaire, ...And very gentle: I hope people love each other, would you stay with meIn fact, dreams and goals are human induced action efforts to achieve what they want.You dream myth (but not harming anyone) is a dreamer but set small goals for approaching it, just to achieve a goal, you set another goal to act , and so on so you will definitely reach your goals, even if not achieved, I'm sure on a journey to dream and to achieve a goal is best memories of my lifeRemember: Edinson later than the 1000 defeat his new light bulb
Ray Roc 60 successful years starting with McDonald
47-year-old Robert Kiyosaki become a millionaire
Obama became the first black American
Wight is the first brothers invented the airplane, which everyone thought was impossible


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